Royal Monsters -
Blackwater EP
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I’m not sure, but I think this is what amazing-core sounds like.  Anthemic and scream-y songs sung (toward the sky), moments of melodious metallic octave acrobatics in le riffage, quiet moments before bursting out in tantrum.  In the 1990′s we would have called this emo-core, but now that has been co-opted by muggles and currently refers to kids with jet black hair and Kate Goslin bangs playing mosh metal.  I guess that means I kinda like it.

Justin Briggs

© Copyright- King of the Monsters/ Royal Monsters

Record Label: King of the Monsters


Guest House
Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PAWL is a singer and songwriter whose gift include playing many instruments and his favorites are keyboards and percussions. Guest House is his first official attempt to record a solo studio CD. He recorded the CD quickly over 4 weekends, with the help of friends he chose 6 songs among his long list of compositions.

Despite being a personal production the sound of the CD is top quality. He decided to give percussion the principal role and added violins, guitars, keyboards and bass. He describes his music as cinematic pop, I would more likely call it pop jazz with a great influence from the best of rock.

The arrangements with the use of backing vocals and choral instrumentation are good and give the album a nice old feeling that remind me of the great rock bands of the 70s with a jazz influence. The single “Set me off” has everything a great song should have. A great jazzy and catchy song in the style of new young jazz players like Jamie Cullum or more experienced like Bruce Hornsby. His voice is pop/jazzy and at times he sounds like Billy Joel. Lyrically the songs tell stories and are easy to be liked after a couple of times you press play.

Even if the tracks are fun there is a serious side to PAWL compositions that can be spot easily and there is nothing wrong with it. This is important and contributes to creating his own musical world. Furthermore I believe he is a courageous musician because he does not follow what is trendy at the moment but writes his own music in his personal style. Not the easiest product to sell on the market but a beautiful EP.

A very good first attempt from young PAWL, an album that combines the maturity of a good musician and the freshness of a young composition. He is on the right path to became a musician whose music could not be missed.

-Ivan Nossa

© Copyright-Paul Krauss

Record Label: Pawl Music LLC


We are the Drug Store Cowboys
Thrusday, June 10th 2010

Hardcore/Old School Punk, 80′s Thrash Metal and a Touch of Evil Ska.

Exploding forth from the speakers with a spiky fury and aggressive energy that just joyfully screams “total straight-up rock’n’roll with no flash or pretense, motherfuckers!,” this album certain hits the savagely satisfying spot something fierce. All the right gnarly’n’nasty stuff is present and accounted for: ferocious snarly shouted vocals, machinegun bursts of ripping guitars, relentless steamroller drums, burning basslines, and harsh, profane, meaner-than-a-rabid-pitbull lyrics. The piledriving beats and constant speedy tempos keep the music appropriately raw, gritty and exciting throughout. A pleasingly tough and hard-edged winner.

-Joe Wawrzyniak


© Copyright-The Drug Store Cowboys

Record Label: Darden Knows! Records


Sonorous -
The Lost Leaf Sessions
Monday, December 17, 2007

13 tracks recorded like a jazz record and loud enough to be a rock record, The Lost Leaf Sessions finds it’s niche somewhere between jazz/rock fusion full of good times and dirge suicides.

A band built from a trio to a sextet, Sonorous’ newest album, “The Lost Leaf Sessions” was recorded live inside Phoenix’s Lost Leaf beer & wine bar/art gallery over two days by Grace Royse (Switchblade Sound), featuring Matt Yazzie (keys/vocals), Tato (bass), Eric D (drums), Mike Red (trombone/trumpet), Mark Stinson (saxophone), and Chris Doyle (guitar). Guest musicians who offered their talents on this recording are Hillary Tash (voice), Lonna Kelley (voice), Tom Cooper (percussion), and DJentrification (turn tables). Music born inside the darkest bars and art venues downtown, this album incorporates free jazz, lounge, psychedelic rock and hint of funk into 13 tracks of full sonic assault targeting all of your pleasure points.

- CD Baby

© Copyright-M. Yazzie/T. Caraveo/E. Dahl/M. Comunale/M. Stinson/C. Doyle

Record Label: 56th Street Records